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The Phonetic Hebrew Decoding Program is now available as an exciting, interactive iPad app called EYAL!

For over 30 years, the materials on which Eyal is based have been used successfully with students around the world, ages 5 to 98. Now the program has been completely reworked to take advantage of all the iPad can offer. But at its core, Eyal is still a methodical, two-step system: First, you’ll learn the consonants, one at a time. At this stage, the words you’ll be reading will have only consonants and the ‘a’ vowel. Once this has been mastered, you’ll learn the rest of the vowels, also one at a time.

To purchase EYAL or to see subscription options, click the button below!


10 interactive activity types, including Letter Differentiation, Reading, Writing, Matching, Word Search, and more.

Changing study units. Activity types are mixed and matched in different ways as each study unit requires. No two units are exactly the same.

Clear, page-specific instructions. So the app can be worked on alone, not just with a teacher.

Ability to self-check all work.

Ability to tap words and hear them pronounced – nearly 10,000 audio clips are included.

Responsive writing tools and the ability to record yourself reading.

Option to email audio recordings and written answers to teachers for further review.

Modifications for students with learning difficulties or adults who prefer a more straightforward approach.

Account system that allows for multiple users on multiple iPads, with each user’s progress and work saved to their individual account.

No need for internet in the classroom as student work is saved to the iPad itself.

Access to all current and future content and features for as long as your subscription is active.

Ability to add and remove users for as long as your subscription is active.

Eyal is appropriate for all ages. Kids who can’t yet read English can now learn how to read Hebrew. Students who have trouble focusing can sit with Eyal for an entire class. And adults who are skeptical of technology are also quick to fall for Eyal. Even those who already know how to read are using Eyal just for review – a tool they can come back to over and over in order to maintain their reading skills.

*A note to schools: Eyal can be used in a classroom or resource room as the primary teaching method. Or you can leave your curriculum unchanged and recommend that parents buy Eyal for supplemental at-home use.